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About Us

At Micah’s Backpack, Jacksonville, our mission is to feed food-insecure children on the weekend. The children we serve are identified by teachers and counselors as regularly coming to school hungry. For many of the children we support, lunch on Friday is the last meal they have until school breakfast on Monday morning.

Micah’s Backpack, Jacksonville began in Jacksonville in August 2015 with five children in one elementary school. It currently supports over 300 students in eleven schools by providing breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks every Saturday and Sunday during the school year. Our organization is sponsored by Highlands United Presbyterian Church. We are a community-based, grass-roots organization that runs completely on volunteers.

At Micah’s Backpack, Jacksonville, we know the impact of childhood hunger can last a lifetime. It is difficult for a student to concentrate and learn when their stomach is grumbling and all they can think about is when they will eat again. Hunger deprives children of their childhood and their future. The food we provide is vital for emotional, social, and educational growth.

Volunteers and community support are critical to the success of our program. All the food we provide to students is purchased locally with donations from the community. Every dollar donated goes directly to feeding hungry children.

Join us as we feed our future, one child at a time.

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